American Master – Johnny Cash and his old Martin Guitars

I believe that this name is strange to anyone who likes American country music. Because this person in the United States or the world he has represented the country! Johnny Cash, the legendary American country singer, died at 3 am on September 12, 2003 in Nashville, Tenn., at the age of 71. Karsh’s single “Hurt” won the “Best Music Video Short Award” that year, which made Trent Reznor (the soul of the nine-inch nail band). The MV that was crying at the beginning finally made the judges tempted. Its award is the best memory of the old Johnny! He has … Read more

John Mayer and his Martin Guitar  – Martin OMJM John Mayer Signature Acoustic Guitar 

I don’t know when I started to fall in love with the folk songs, and I don’t know when it was John Mayer who met. There are too many European and American male singers.I used to be obsessed with One Direction’s Teempop. But when I grew up, I discovered that the calmer the deeper. So I met John Mayer. John Mayer was born on October 16, 1977. When he was 13 years old in Connecticut, his neighbor gave him a tape of Bruce guitar master Stevie Ray Vaughan. He began to play with the guitar in his hand and started … Read more

Martin Acoustic Guitar Recommendations-Martin OM42 Guitar(2018)and Martin M-36 Guitar(2018) 

Martin Guitar is proud to introduce an Martin OM-42 (2018) acoustic guitar to the public. This guitar can be said to be comfortable in many acoustic guitars. Such praise should be able to think of how good its sound and appearance can be! The incredible craftsmanship gives this guitar the best tone balance, following the design of the top 40 style guitar. This guitar is so eye-catching, and we also really understand the direction of the Martin guitar in Reimagined, showing the brand’s best integrity and innovative intentions. The Martin OM-42 (2018) is the perfect choice for a truly elegant acoustic guitar! … Read more