How to buy a good Chinese Martin d45 copy guitar- find the best acoustic guitar custom shop for a d45 fake guitar

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For over a century and a half, MARTIN Guitar has long been recognized as the best instrument company in the world. In the traditional family management mode, MARTIN guitar reflects the craftsmanship of the family’s six generations of guitar. What is the quality of Martin Guitar?

Is the sound quality of Martin guitar good? I think no one should ask such a stupid question.
Because in the world of acoustic guitars, Martin guitars represent high quality and even excellence. If you want to buy the best quality acoustic guitar, then the first thing you might think of is the Martin guitar. Indeed, Martin guitars are some of the best acoustic guitars you can buy. Martin guitar has super high quality and high price, which is beyond the reach of many people. If your budget is limited, however, you also want to have a Martin guitar. Then you can consider a replica Martin guitar, you will have a ‘I have a Martin guitar awesome feeling, sound great!

Among all Martin guitars, Martin’s high-end 4 series, the existence of God. Both the look and the sound are refreshing. In terms of production, from the headstock of the guitar, the fingerboard to the guitar body , the stunning abalone inlays are extraordinarily gorgeous. In Martin D series, Martin D45 is the flagship of Martin dreadnought guitars. The D-45 represents the most elegantly appointed dreadnought in Martin’s standard collection. Many Martin fans want one, since the genuine price is around 9999$, many friends decide to find the best d45 chinese copy guitar. The quality of some Chinese guitar replicas are really pretty good, some are awesome !

I bought a Chinese replica Martin d45 guitar from some while ago and considering the price, it is probably the best acoustic guitar purchase I have ever made. With that in mind I contacted guitarofchina again, where I bought my Martin d45 guitar copy to find out if they also sold a telecaster. Unfortunately they only focus one custom acoustic guitars now, especially d45 chinese copy are quite popular. It is ok. Back to the guitar that I ordered from this guitar shop last year—. I really really like the guitar. The day I received the d45, my friends John was with me that day, the package was nice, no damage during the shipment. Now I play it almost everyday, in the morning before going to work and in the evening while watching the TV with my kids. The guitar is very nice and the sound is really good. Honestly the playability is really beyond my expectation. The sound is impressive. Of course I immediately recommended to my friend Eric. Eric owns many guitars, Martin, Gibson ,some are vintage. But not any Martin D45, so he always want a Martin D45 guitar. About 1 year ago, he also wanted to purchase a Chinese d45 copy guitar from china, he was worrying about the quality and damage during transportation, so he gave up .this fake d-45 martin from guitarofchina play like a dream. Who knows, this is not my last guitar!

Do not expect a Chinese Martin d-45 guitar to be as good as a genuine. Since a genuine costs around $ 9999, it would make no sense comparing the guitars. However, the replicas are very good compared to the price and I bet you can’t buy an equally good guitar for the same amount as the Chinese replicas cost.

Now many people would ask how can I buy a good Chinese Martin D45 guitar ? I have some tips and recommendations for you.

Find a reliable and trustworthy seller online, like www.guitarchordsshop,, etc..First trick is to have the guitar send with the lowest invoice possible. This way you will pay less in customs fee. After you have ordered and paid a chinese Martin d-45 guitar, make sure to write the seller to put an invoice of about 50-100$ on the guitar. Dont ask them to say any lower than 50 bucks because it will cause suspicion once it reach your country borders. You dont want any customs officials to open your package, right ?

How to buy a good Chinese Martin d45 copy guitar- find the best acoustic guitar custom shop for a d45 fake guitar

Second tip is that you can save some money if you choose not to buy the guitar hardshell case. A hardshell case is heavier than a guitar itself .They are heavy and dont buy it because you are afraid that the guitar will be damaged during shipment. Good sellers always pack the guitars in a lot of foam box, thick and safe enough, wrap well, making the transport completely safe. Third and last tip is to have a sticker put on top of the logo. This way customs won’t notice that you are buying a fake Martin guitar (or other counterfeit brands). Good shops, like, they will do this for you automatically! It is very smart design.

How to buy a good Chinese Martin d45 copy guitar- find the best acoustic guitar custom shop for a d45 fake guitarHow to buy a good Chinese Martin d45 copy guitar- find the best acoustic guitar custom shop for a d45 fake guitar

Other shop for Chinese martin d45 copy fake guitar

I have not found many shops selling Chinese Martin guitars. But searching for china D45 guitars gives a lot of results. The shops selling this particular guitar most likely also sells other Martin guitar models. Simply chat with the shops in order to find the specific Chinese Martin guitar model your liking. Good luck for you to buy a nice D45 guitar one day. I have found the best acoustic guitar custom shop.

How to buy a good Chinese Martin d45 copy guitar- find the best acoustic guitar custom shop for a d45 fake guitar PDF