Martin D18 VS D28 Guitar Reviews

The Martin guitar seems to be more famous for the back side of rosewood, from the classic Martin D-28 guitar, Martin D-41guitar, Martin D-42 guitar, Martin D-45 guitar, all for this Tonewood. The mahogany of Martin D18 guitar seems to have been forgotten in the long history. I personally haven’t seen the Martin D-18 guitar for a few years. Just recently I had a chance to touch the new modified Martin D18, which suddenly changed my mind, became lighter, and the sound was too loud due to the front bevel volume! But the stupid Martin D-28 will be fully upgraded in 2017, but … Read more

Martin D42 D45 2018 new Guitar evaluation comparison

Martin D45 and Martin D42 guitar Configurations:  Body type: Dreadnought Cutaway: No Top wood: Solid Sitka spruce Back and sides: East Indian rosewood Bracing pattern: 5/6″ forward-shifted, scalloped X bracing Body finish: All-Gloss Nitrocellulose Orientation: Right handed Neck shape: Modern low oval/Performance Artist taper Nut width: 1.75 in. (44.45 mm) Fingerboard: Ebony Neck wood: Solid mahogany Scale length: 25.4 in. Number of frets: 20 Headstock overlay: East Indian Rosewood Tuning machines: Gold Open-gear tuning machines Bridge: Ebony Saddle and nut: Bone Number of strings: 6 FEATURES Wide string spacing 45-style pearl inlay Martin D-45 Hexagon fingerboard inlays Martin D-42 snowflake fingerboard … Read more

Martin HD28 Review

It has been more than half a year since I started using the Martin HD28, and I love it more and more. Its voice gradually matured and it is worthy of Martin’s mainstream! For some friends who want to know and want to buy Martin HD-28 some reference. The following is introduced in terms of appearance and workmanship, materials and configuration, tone and expressiveness. 1.Appearance and workmanship It can be said that the appearance of the Martin HD28 guitar  is very common from afar. If you are married, your wife’s financial control is very strict, you can use your own private money to buy … Read more

The difference between North American “four major handmade” guitars and Martin guitars

The final choice of the acoustic guitar is still the best choice? The most painful thing in the guitar industry in the past two years was the death of Bill Collings, a master of North American handmade guitars. Because I had the privilege of playing the famous four major handmade pianos in North America and the famous martin guitar. (all are starting to target Martin) Today, I will simply talk to you about your personal opinion. Huss&Dalton Huss&Dalton Personally, Huss’ voice is not very similar to Martin. Put aside work and talk about sounds. The feeling Huss gave me was crisp! … Read more

Not satisfied with the tone? Maybe because of the effect. — Ten effect adjustment tips

Throughout the history of electric guitars, many of the most colorful and characteristic sounds are made up of various monoblock effects – wah pedal, phaser, chrome, envelope filtering, Faz and so on. More importantly, these excellent effects are the gateway to the new world of sound. Anyone can use them, and with the right equipment, timing and/or technology, you can get a unique sound. Although it is worthwhile to listen to this tone, it is a personal taste problem. (It is still a sentence, the quality of the tone is very subjective). But if most people agree with it, you may become … Read more

What does your guitar need to be pay more attention when searsons alternate ?

When it comes to the season, you must have prepared a variety of seasonal fashion for yourself. So what should you prepare for your guitar? Seasonal changes, followed by changes in temperature and humidity, the wood will also be deformed with the environment, causing problems such as distortion of the neck, hitting the fret, panel bulging or cracking. However, please don’t worry, as long as you deal with it correctly, these problems can be solved. First of all, you can judge whether you need to change the guitar strings according to the intensity of the usual practice. The timely replacement … Read more

A popular science article on acoustic guitar

A guitar is a musical instrument. Then the study of it must include two aspects, one is naturally the music itself, and the other is to study the physical properties of the instrument. First of all, in terms of music, the most important and initial content is the study of acoustics. We know that sonic transmission requires media, and the mechanism of this propagation is vibration. Sound can travel in the air because of vibrations that cause changes in the air pressure around the sound waves, which are perceived by our ears, so we hear the sound. The magnitude of … Read more

Daily Maintenance of Martin Acoustic Guitar (Chapter 1)

In addition to the extraordinary craftsmanship, good guitarists need to know how to maintain their guitar. Due to the relatively large area of China, most of them are in temperate regions, and the temperature changes significantly throughout the year. So there will be significant differences in temperature and humidity, which is bad for the acoustic guitar in our hands. Therefore, between the above questions, this time I will introduce some suggestions from Martin Technician for the maintenance of Martin Acoustic Guitar. Humidity, temperature, and storage environment Wood is a natural material made up of fibers. Therefore, it is easy to … Read more

Daily Maintenance of Martin Acoustic Guitar (Chapter 2)

To have a good guitar sound, daily maintenance and maintenance of your guitar is also one of the keys. This time I will introduce you to the last part of the daily maintenance of Martin guitar. Adjust comfort As time goes by, the comfort of your guitar may drop because the strings are slowly rising from the height of the fingerboard. The distance between this string and the fingerboard is often called “Action.” This is crucial for the flexibility and comfort of the instrument. In the same way, if the strings are too close to the fingerboard, the noise will be … Read more