Martin HD28 Review

It has been more than half a year since I started using the Martin HD28, and I love it more and more. Its voice gradually matured and it is worthy of Martin’s mainstream!

For some friends who want to know and want to buy Martin HD-28 some reference.

The following is introduced in terms of appearance and workmanship, materials and configuration, tone and expressiveness.

1.Appearance and workmanship

It can be said that the appearance of the Martin HD28 guitar  is very common from afar. If you are married, your wife’s financial control is very strict, you can use your own private money to buy HD28 back to say that it is a thousand dollars to buy, because his appearance is too ordinary, the layman can not see how much it is worth . But if you play it carefully, you will feel that it is not shoddy, and a large part is hand-carved. The overall weight is very light, which is one of the standards for a good guitar (good wood).The paint is smooth and very textured. Don’t underestimate the paint. It has a great protective effect on the guitar. It can isolate the harmful effects of moisture and air on the wood. Martin’s lacquer will be sprayed through N layers, and each layer will be sanded and then sprayed again.Let me talk about the feel of the neck.

Many people are worried that Martin’s guitar feels bad, but if you ask someone who has a Martin guitar, they will tell you that Martin’s guitar feels good! In general, Martin’s neck is thick, the grip is very full, and the width is more appropriate.

Like the Martin HD-28 guitar, this guitar has a C-shaped neck that suits most people’s habits. Of course, Martin’s neck type is also more, different widths, different shapes and so on.

2.Materials and configuration

Martin HD-28 configuration is very classic, Martin’s mainstream, solid sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood sides and back, integrated mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, ebony bridge, Martin STANDARD X-BRACING Scalloped cutting sound beam, 25.4 “scaled length. This combination can be said to be the most Martinous, and what styles are suitable. Whether it is vocal accompaniment, sweeping or disintegrating, Blues, country, fingering, these are OK.


The material of the 28 series is very good. First of all, we need to know how the quality of the wood is judged.A good piece of wood has to meet three characteristics:

  1. The appearance is good.

The wood grain is fine and straight, and it looks pleasing to the eye;

  1. Also have good acoustic properties.

When the Martin guitar factory picks the wood, the violinist will use a special instrument to check whether the wood has structural defects. If it is fully qualified, it is also judged by sound characteristics by tapping the different positions of the plate.

  1. Storage and drying of wood.

Because Martin’s guitar history is too long and the purchase volume is huge, MARTIN has the conditions to get the best wood, and in terms of storage conditions, most brands can’t do it and don’t have the ability to do it.

Normal guitar wood needs to be air dried for several years to naturally achieve the most suitable ratio of grease to humidity. Martin’s wood is selected from its own warehouse.

Although these hidden indicators are not visible to us, they are very guaranteed.

But now there are a lot of brands claiming that their wood is AAA/AAAA, and how good the product is, it is also a misleading. At present, there are very few guitar manufacturers who can save their own wood. Except for some super-large factories, they are usually processed directly from the wood merchants. And only to promote how fine the lines and so on, in fact, everyone knows that it is worth noting that the wood is good, the panel texture of HD-28 may be similar to the guitar of three or four thousand dollars, but the acoustic characteristics are incomparable. of.

In addition, through the weight can also know one or two. The better the guitar, the lighter it is, and that’s for sure. As for the wood grade, it is not a common standard, that is to say, the standard of each manufacturer is different. The same panel is AAAAA level in the A manufacturer. It may be AAA level in the B manufacturer. It can only be used as a reference.

3.Voice and expressiveness

In a word, great! Perfect sound, absolutely Martin flavor!

The bass is deep, the energy is enough, the power of the cymbal is continuous, the medium frequency and high frequency are clear and delicate, and the temperature is very good! This audiovisual of this bearded foreigner is what I like very much.