American Master – Johnny Cash and his old Martin Guitars

I believe that this name is strange to anyone who likes American country music. Because this person in the United States or the world he has represented the country! Johnny Cash, the legendary American country singer, died at 3 am on September 12, 2003 in Nashville, Tenn., at the age of 71. Karsh’s single “Hurt” won the “Best Music Video Short Award” that year, which made Trent Reznor (the soul of the nine-inch nail band). The MV that was crying at the beginning finally made the judges tempted. Its award is the best memory of the old Johnny!

He has too many auras. Grammy’s frequent visitors, the cover of Time magazine, Rolling Stone selected the musicians who changed the world. Even his fans are now world famous musicians. Johnny Cash is one of the most important singers in the modern American countryside, pop, rock and folk. With a thick and deep baritone, a simple and powerful guitar, he created his own unique voice. Johnny Cash’s music spans the countryside and rock music. Among his more than 400 songs in his life, more than 100 songs have entered the top 40 in the country. Johnny Cash is also the spokesperson for many Americans of different classes. He has a unique perspective of Americans. The scope of his works touches from the social observation of intellectuals, the sad life of the blue-collar class, the ups and downs in love, the true voice of the city’s small people, and even the psychology of criminals. His song sang the voices of all American people. His songs are always echoing in people’s hearts.

Karsh’s eternal dress is his black dress and his old Martin. So many people like to call him a black man. A person who likes to use black to modify himself, this is related to his childhood to see his brother died because of an accident. This is also the shadow that he has been unable to erase. Of course, MARTIN also launched a signature for this great musician, the color is his unique color BLACK, pay tribute to the everlasting black man!  Perhaps Johnny Cash’s most favourite Martin guitar (and he played many) was a specially made Martin D-35, his – and Martin’s – first guitar with a polished black finish. Perfect for “the man in black,” Cash played this guitar on stage for nearly 20 years.