Martin Acoustic Guitar Recommendations-Martin OM42 Guitar(2018)and Martin M-36 Guitar(2018) 

Martin Guitar is proud to introduce an Martin OM-42 (2018) acoustic guitar to the public. This guitar can be said to be comfortable in many acoustic guitars. Such praise should be able to think of how good its sound and appearance can be! The incredible craftsmanship gives this guitar the best tone balance, following the design of the top 40 style guitar. This guitar is so eye-catching, and we also really understand the direction of the Martin guitar in Reimagined, showing the brand’s best integrity and innovative intentions. The Martin OM-42 (2018) is the perfect choice for a truly elegant acoustic guitar!

Incredibly exquisite craftsmanship

As the back and sides of this Martin OM-42 guitar is made East Indian Rosewood, adds brilliance to the true essence of its sound. The top uses Sitka spruce, adding a rich touch to its gorgeous shades. This guitar’s wood configuration is a good definition of the balance of the sound. The gorgeous ebony fingerboard provides the guitar with the perfect brightness we are looking for, as well as the comfortable touch and smooth performance of the finger on the fingerboard.

Reimagined features in 2018

It can be said that Reimagined is Martin’s most exquisite innovation this year. This guitar uses a scalloped X-shaped panel sound beam to support the top, providing a warm Martin sound that we are familiar with and love. The Modified Low Oval neck has a high-performance, stylish tapered design that gives you the perfect feel. You can sit down and play the guitar for a few hours without worrying about getting tired of potential hand fatigue.


In 2018, Martin introduced the Martin M-36 (2018) acoustic guitar, which is in the direction of reimagined, has a beautiful wood configuration, can provide a unique tone, suitable for fingering and sweeping with a pick. If you’re recording in the studio or playing guitar on the stage, the Martin M-36 (2018) is a high-quality professional guitar that delivers the rich and complete sound you’ve always wanted.

The Sitika spruce used in the panel can be adapted to the playing style, the tone is balanced, warm, and more robust. Similarly, you will also like the crisp sound of the Martin M-36 (2018) East Indian rosewood back sides panels. Of course, its gorgeous appearance, retro white edging adds a rich and soft color, showing high-end beauty. This guitar is also known for its balance between bass and treble. It uses a 3PC backplane, the volume is relatively louder, the resonance is better, the feedback is faster and more obvious, and the overtone is more delicate.

The bone nut and bridge code ensure a stable tone and sustain, ensuring a balanced and balanced resonance of the body, and the Indian rosewood bridge makes the Martin M-36 (2018) sound more refined and outstanding. Chrome-enclosed string knobs maintain good guitar pitch. The Martin M-36 (2018) features a forward-shifted X-bracing design that provides fuller resonance and greater sound horsepower. The modified modified low oval neck features a high-performance, stylish cone design for better playability and play comfort. Vintage paint finishes, vintage white edging and ochre trim add a vintage touch to this Martin M-36 (2018).